LCO-Creation was founded by two Japanese entrepreneurs whose mission is to radically transform international travel experiences for both businesses and travelers. Incorporated in Singapore in 2012, the company is funded by TechCube8 and Singapore’s NRF (National Research Foundation). LCO has partnered up with 16 publishers and 150 travel agents across the world over the course of developing an offline travel app. Together, these partners offer rich travel content, tour packages, and regional sales force, as well as distribution channels. These technologies and partnerships enable the company to interactively reach out to tourists while they are overseas. LCO also compiles data and analyzes tourist trends and patterns. LCO now offers white label solutions for businesses in multilingual markets namely Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. In December 2013, their app “Travel Door” ranked No. 1 in the travel category of the Japanese app store.


“Life Changing Opportunity – Creation”

We believe that we all gain new perspectives by exchanging thoughts and experiences with one another, regardless of our nationality, culture and background. Our goal is to provide services which will create a “life-changing opportunity” for all individuals worldwide.

“Lasting CO-creation”

One of our ultimate goals is to create a sustainable service (platform), “together” with our partners worldwide, where each one of us can make our dreams, lifetime goals and social missions come true. This is because we believe “life-changing opportunity” should not end as merely “an” opportunity. In order to make our goals happen, we need to create an environment where each individual, organization, enterprise can cooperate and support one another.