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Free mobile app in place of traditional paper itinerary

Reach out to tourists through our white label app for both iOS and Android. Your travel content as well as your tour packages and other travel related services will be available on the app fully rebranded under your company name. The travel search engine can be integrated as well. For instance, before departure, tourists can be provided with flight information, travel itinerary, travel insurance and other useful traveling tips. During travel, tourists can enjoy our 100% offline map and navigation function as well as spot information (including deals and promotions). After travel, you can analyze user data for future marketing strategies. Our white label platform is an all-in-one solution for travel agencies.


By utilizing your travel content, you can provide your customers with convenient and impressive tools for traveling. For Japanese-speaking tourists, concierge service is available in 38 cities across the world.


  • Tourists can check their tour overview, date, emergency contact information, etc. (details upon discussion)

Accommodations & transportation

  • Tourists can check their accommodation details, meeting spot for tours, and recommended means of transportation, etc. (details upon discussion)

Travel guides

  • Provide tourists with local travel guide

Map & Compass & Navigation

  • Without any network connection, the user's real-time location will be displayed on maps
  • A compass function, navigation, and nearby place locations are also available offline


You can also generate revenues through your white label app. Some of the examples include commissions for flights, hotels, and restaurants bookings. Deals, promotions, and advertisements can be added to the app as well.

Advertisement space

  • Local businesses ( such as restaurants, spas, hotels, shops, etc) can be listed on the app by paying an advertisement fee. Some examples of premium ads include featured articles, longer descriptions, and multiple images.

Points & Coupons & Vouchers

  • Local businesses can prepare premium coupons or vouchers for users. Commissions will be paid when users visit their places.

Commission through flights, hotels, car rental bookings

  • Earn commissions through travel search engines integrated into the app.
  • You can also integrate your existing booking site or travel related information in order to receive commissions.

Push notifications

  • Send push notifications directly to your users.
  • Cost-per-click model.

Digital advertisements

  • Full screen ads and/or banner ads are available in the app.

Provide tourists with offline travel app under your own brand which consists of convenient tool and useful travel information.

Travel destinations

  • You can create multiple city guide apps in multiple languages.

Place information

  • You can list tourist attractions, restaurants, and shops, etc. All information will be linked to offline maps

Place information (details)

  • Images, overview description, operating hours, address, reservation site, etc
  • Reviews and ratings


  • Country overview: History, culture, transportation, travel tips and many other basic information can be added
  • Features
  • Links to websites such as Youtube and Flickr can be added to the side menu.


For first time tourists, maps & navigation are the most convenient tools to search for places. With our 100% offline maps, users can make sure they are on the right track from the airport to their hotel. Users can also locate themselves on maps to find out how far they are from their hotels or destinations; all of these can be completed without any network connection. Our white label app will provide tourists with a sense of safety.

City map

  • Our Offline city maps will help tourists reach their destinations safely.

Compass function

  • Highly useful for tourists to find out which direction to go.


  • Recommended routes via walking and taxi. Estimated time and distance will be displayed as well.


  • GPS is also available without any network connection at all

The number 1 ranked travel app in the Japanese app store will be provided under your brand. Through white label solutions, app development is incredibly cheaper and faster. This is one of the greatest ways for mobile marketing improvement.


  • The app will be fully rebranded and customized under your brand name.
  • The app can be published with your own account via the App Store and Google Play.

User Interface (UI) and app development duration

  • Through user feedback and surveys, we constantly communicate with app users and update the UI according to the latest trends and designs. Our white label app is not just a one-time development. Your app will be constantly updated and maintained in the best condition.
  • Our white label solution allows us to shorten development time from 6 months to approximately 2 months. For any urgent requests, we will be able to deliver your app within 1 month (additional charges may apply).


With Google Analytics integrated into the app, you can learn user trends and patterns. Our GPS logger enables us to collect and analyze location information.

User analysis

  • Active users, session users, page views, locations (by country and city), language, devices etc


  • Location data of anonymous users will be available (any data of specific users will not be disclosed). Through this function, you can learn frequently visited places and traveling pattern of users.

Simple and easy-to-use admin panel

  • Contents can be managed through a cloud-based content management system. Our CRM system is easy-to-use and there is no need for you to have profound IT knowledge. Through our CRM system, you can easily add and edit app content.

Cloud-based Content Management System (CMS)

  • Add and edit your own travel content. The hide function is also available.
  • For clients disclosing multiple destinations, you can select city based apps to publish/ unpublish through CMS.
  • Location tracking data惻 Push notifications can be sent from CMS. When sending notifications, you can filter recipients by language and location.

Content API

  • Your content on our white label app can be published as API. Through API, you can integrate the content with your own website. (Details upon discussion.)


Your white label app will be ready in approximately 3 weeks (basic function, no content entry). If you need us to customize functions and do content entry, it will take approximately 2 months. Please feel free to contact us for further inquiries.

In order for us to create your white label app, we will need your logo, app icon, splash screen design, etc (multiple sizes required). If you do not have an in-house designer, our design team can help you create designs for you (additional charges may apply). Furthermore, since the app will be published under your account name, you will need to register your account on the App Store (approximately JPY 8,000/ year) and Google Play (approximately JPY 2,500/ year). Once the specifications are fixed, we will send you a checklist. Please feel free to contact us for further inquiries.

We have a monthly plan and a cost-per-download plan. If you are planning to promote your app to a very large audience, we recommend the monthly plan. If you are planning to offer your app to a limited audience, for example, registered members, we recommend the cost-per-download plan. Both plans have a set-up fee but through our white label solutions, we can reduce the cost to 1/10 of the market price. Please feel free to contact us for further inquiries.